Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Latest NEWS from Sundance Film Festival - Day 7

“The Cove” Wins the Sundance Audience Award for American Documentary!
January 24, 2009

By Mark J. Palmer, Associate Director,
International Marine Mammal Project, Earth Island Institute, and the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition

Day 7

I just got a call from Ric O’Barry, who is walking down main street in Park City, Utah. He called to tell me “The Cove” won an award at Sudance!

What a great way to end a week and a half of frenzied film promotion, media interviews, and exciting film showings at the Sundance Film Festival!

Tonight, “The Cove”, which had standing ovations at every showing during the run of the Sundance Film Festival, received the Sundance American Audience Award: Documentary for 2009!

The Audience Award is based on voting by Sundance audiences after each film. Clearly, the audiences at “The Cove” were excited and engaged by the film, and their voting showed how important they feel “The Cove” is.

It is likely that this award will help increase the profile of “The Cove” as negotiations go forward with potential distributors.

Click here to see Director of “The Cove”, Louie Psihoyos, talking about the making of his award-winning film.

Sting and his wife Trudy attended a showing of “The Cove” at Sundance and pledged their assistance to the effort. Sting (right) with Ric O’Barry of the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition. Photo by Simon Hutchins, Oceanic Preservation Society


Please consider a donation to the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition and Earth Island Institute. Your tax-deductible donation will help Ric O’Barry and our Coalition fight to end the killing of dolphins and whales in Japan and elsewhere, and fight the inhumane captures and captivity of dolphins worldwide.

The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition receives no funds from sales or viewings of “The Cove.”

Click here to Donate To Help the Cause.

We also need your help to make sure the government of Japan heeds the message of “The Cove” – save Japan’s dolphins! Get active, write a letter, send an e-mail!

Take Action Now! Click here.

And be sure to tell your family and friends to spread the word about “The Cove”. Our website will feature updates as “The Cove” is shown in public worldwide.

The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition includes In Defense of Animals, Ocean Care of Switzerland, Earth Island Institute, Campaign Whale of the UK, Animal Welfare Institute, and Elsa Nature Conservancy of Japan.

Ric O’Barry receives another standing ovation after a screening of “The Cove” at Sundance Film Festival. Photo by Simon Hutchins, Oceanic Preservation Society

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