Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Broom, Australia Reverses Suspension of Sister-City Tie w/ Taiji, Japan

Help Needed.

The Broome Shire Council has voted to reverse its suspension of its sister-city relationship with the town of Taiji due to the slaughter of dolphins. While their new resolution includes some language recommending “alternative economic opportunities similar to those that have seen Broome flourish through tourism and promotion of its natural marine resources and landscape beauty", it is unlikely the fishermen of Taiji will accept such support in exchange for stopping the slaughter of dolphins (including pilot whales).

This is a dangerous and misguided step, and we must fight against it. If the Broome Council sincerely desires to support the people of Taiji, how can it condone the distribution and sale of mercury-laden dolphin meat to the people of Japan, including many schoolchildren?

We urge you to continue sending letters to the Broome Shire Council to end support for the Taiji dolphin slaughter. You can take action here:

9,000 letters have flooded into Broome in the past 2 days urging the Council to hold on to its brave position. They should not give in to the intense pressure from the Japanese government and the city of Taiji. Too much is at stake.

Keep up the pressure by sending letters at:

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Thanks for your help. We need to keep the pressure on and not give in to the counter pressure coming from Japan.

Ric O’Barry & David Phillips
Save Japan Dolphins Coalition

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